UPDATE: 7/10/16

I'm pleased to announce that I'm the 2016 recipient of the Award for Innovation in the Documentary Arts from the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University.

UPDATE: 2/5/16

My photograph "Flag" accompanies a piece of writing by former Rep. Barney Frank in the Winter 2016 issue of The Point.

UPDATE: 12/8/15

I'm the current artist in residence at LATITUDE in Chicago. Here is a Q&A with LATITUDE about the residency.

UPDATE: 10/27/15

I have a new blog! It's called "Mysterious Facts" after the Garry Winogrand quote that "There is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described." There will be posts about art, photo books, life in DC, and other stuff that is much less serious. Check it out here or by clicking on the blog item in the lefthand menu.

UPDATE: 8/12/15

My photograph of interim Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis appears in the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. The story is also online.

UPDATE: 6/9/15

This upcoming weekend I will be attending Review Santa Fe. For a full list of this year's participating photographers click here.

UPDATE: 5/11/15

I have two exciting announcements regarding Aint-Bad Magazine. First, my work is included in the newest issue of the magazine "From Here On" which features a fantastic range of work by many different photographic artists.

Second, I now have a limited edition print of my image "First Division" available for purchase through Aint-Bad Editions, a fine print program organized by the magazine.

Half of the proceeds from the print sale go to Aint-Bad. Please consider purchasing a magazine and/or print and supporting the good work that they are doing!

UPDATE: 4/13/15

Aberdeen is now sold out! Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy.

UPDATE: 1/27/15

I'm pleased to announce that "Aberdeen" - a zine collaboration with Josh Poehlein - is now available.

Email me to order a copy. $15 including shipping.

Click here for more information.